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What We Do

The Performing Arts Society is dedicated to bringing classical and jazz music concerts to the central Kenai Peninsula.

Four or five times each year, we present world-class vocal or instrumental music and musicians at affordable ticket prices. Because we are equally dedicated to enriching the musical lives of the younger generation, we regularly sponsor the visiting musicians for free in-school concerts.

Since its 1999 beginnings, the PAS has produced a great variety of concerts. A majority of our guest artists and ensembles have been professional Alaskan musicians, some of whom tour the world. Most years, we present at least one nationally or internationally known artist or ensemble.

Our Board

We are an all volunteer, non-profit, locally organized board.

We consist of eight to ten volunteers drawn from local musicians, theater, arts aficionados, educators, and members of the business community. 

Barb Christian, President
Maria Allison, Vice President/Secretary
Annie Peek headshot.jpg
Annie Peek, Treasurer
Larsen, Elaine.jpg
Elaine Larson
Renée Henerdson
Rosemary Bird.jpg
Rosemary Bird
Paul M.jpg
Paul S. Morin
Kya G
Kya Gorenflo-Verhagen
R. Michael Burton
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